Peter Calderon '65 Visits Colegio La Esperanza December, 2003.  
Helps distribute donated Christmas gifts to students.

Peter Calderon helps giviing gifts Colegio La Esperanza

Peter and Michel work to give gifts to thrilled third graders at Colegio La Esperanza

Peter Caleron giving gift to Colegio La Esperanza third grader

Christine with Peter Calderon and Michel Hadad in front of new construction
for Colegio La Esperanza Preparatoria, the first High School in the area where
180,000 people live

Christine Peter Calderon Michel in front of new High School Foundation La Esperanza

Peter Calderon Princeton Class of 1965 giving presents at Colegio la Esperanza December 2003

Americas Foundation students at Colegio La Esperanza wave December 2003

Colegio La Esperanza Students waving before December 2003 Christmas Party

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