ePatron-by-Choice Program

Each year the La Esperanza schools apply tests and accept applications to consider students for scholarships
The schools award scholarships on academic merit and economic need.
Presently there are 100 students who have qualified for scholarships but do not have sponsors.

Help a specific child not currently on our waiting list

If you prefer to help a specific child not currently on our waiting list, by paying for his or her education, you can apply here for our "Patron by Choice" Program.
The child you want to support will need to apply with his or her parents through our regular registration procedures (please contact our registration office).
You will have to support the full cost of the child's education ($90 per month).

Please fill the form below so that we may contact you.

I agree to sponsor a child's full education for one year. Cost is $90 per month or $1080 per year: Yes
Child's Name and Grade (if known). Write "unknown" if not sure.
Start Date:
Email Address:
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Comments or Questions:
Thank you for helping !!!

Checks should be sent to The Americas Foundation, 898 Second Ave.,  Chula Vista,  CA  91911

If you have questions on How to make a donation or scholarshop payments
please see   

You can also e-mail us at cbrady2@prodigy.net.mx

Helping other children

Presently, there are more than one hundred students who have been accepted on scholarship by the school and are still waiting for sponsors.
En este momento hay mas de cien alumnos "becados" por las Escuelas La Esperanza, los cualesestan en nuestra Lista de Espera, todavía esperando a un patrocinador.