Our Needs

Sponsor a child's education! Colegio La Esperanza (Americas Foundation)
Sponsor a child's education!

If you can help with any of the following please contact us :
Schools Administration in Tijuana +52 664-626-4698 (from the US international prefix is 011)
Foundation Headoffice in the U.S. +1 619-585-9009 (from Mexico international prefix is 00)
Email: info@americasfoundation.net

1. Student scholarship sponsors

Sponsor a child's education!

2. Long term teaching volunteers

English, Music, Physical Education... teaching volunteers who are available during the week, and can travel to Colonia La Esperanza: Volunteering

3. Handling donations of materials

Volunteers needed to promote donation of materials, and to transport materials donated: Volunteering

4. Public Relations

Advertising in any shape or media, Press Releases, Distribution lists, Handling Flyers, Boards etc...

5. Support for existing programs:

Students enjoy free summer arts program with teacher Antonio Vega
5.1. Computers Computers, Educational Software, Networking equipment, Printers, Scanners, Cameras, Videos, Media (CD-R, CD-RW...)
5.2. Sports Soccer, swimming, volleyball, croquet, track, field hockey, fencing
a) Any kind of equipment: soccer balls,heavy duty volley ball nets, croquets sets, gym balls, field hockey sticks and gear, whistles, uniforms, study guides
b) Swimming pools project: cost for new facilities is $25,000
c) Extracurricular programs: coaches and equipment; fencing is desired
5.3. Music Spanish sheet music, choral arrangements, amplifier to work with electric piano, musical instruments (all kinds)
5.4. Ballet Ballet shoes, classical music, pianist to accompany class, sponsorship of spring student performance at the Centro Cultural (costumes,etc.). Funding for Valeri and Tatiana to continue working
  5.5. English Text books, video couses, softwares for language course, ESL materials, teacher orientation
5.6. Plastic Arts Tempera and water based paint and paint brushes, paint glazes for ceramics, paper, clay, yeso materials for castes, picture frames
5.7. Gardening Tools, picks, seeds, shade material for green houses, soil supplements, fruit trees, planting boxes, dixie cups, funding
5.8. Spanish Books, literature, computer programs, etc.
5.9. Kindergarten Montessori materials, fat crayons, scissors, paints
5.10. Jazz-Dance Videos of broadway musicals, tapes and CDs of broadway music, amplifier and sound system, costumes, stage lighting

6. Support for new programs we would like to implement

Students enjoy soccer program with donated materials gathered by Heidi Farrkash
6.1. Film Production Video cameras, VCRs, editing equipment, funding for a teacher/coordinator,classroom, video projection system
6.2. Fencing Materials and instructor
6.3. Student Trips 15 seater vans or small school buses
6.4. Library All kinds of books and reference materials, video projection system, shelves, bookcases

7. General equipment

7.1. Office Equipment Photocopy machine, fax, tint cartridges, paper, labels, tape, staplers, ...
7.2. Vehicles 15-passengers vans, passenger cars, pickup truck or all terrain vehicle (only automatic transmission)

8. Building materials

8.1. Large pieces of plastic for creating stain-glass windows
8.2. Wood 2x4s, 2x6s and bigger, plywood, redwood, etc.
8.3. Painting paint, sealant, waterproofing agents, Saltillo tile sealer, etc.
8.4. Tools drills, electric saws, grinders, sanders, pliers, bolts, etc.
8.5. Hardware doors, shelves, doorknobs, hinges, locks, fasteners, sink spickets, etc.
8.6. Plumbing/Electrical supplies drain lines, sockets, switches, etc.
8.7. Strawbale construction items bales, wood beams, etc.
8.8. Tiling tiles, mortar, grout, sealant, etc.