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A letter from the President - 1998

Tijuana is an unusual place. Not even 15 miles from one of the richest cities of the world lies the third largest of Mexico's cities (at least 3 million people, even though nobody knows for sure). Colonia Esperanza is one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Tijuana - many houses are without water, electricity, and sewage systems, many family dwellings are subject to the whims of the environment, and the structures do not hold up well in heavy rain and/or earthquakes. The streets in many colonias are not paved.

     In this environment many children grow up without the basic education that could enable them to change their situation, and ultimately build a new environment for their children.

    Education empowers. We are working to create schools high in expectations and rich in beauty, with the belief that our students will transcend the bounds of poverty and become self-reliant, engaged, and inspired leaders of the future.

     We operate two schools located six miles south of the U.S. border in Tijuana, Mexico, the 'Jardin de Ninos La Esperanza' and 'Colegio La Esperanza'. The schools, aptly named "the Children's Garden of Hope" and "the School of Hope", provide 250 disadvantaged children complete educational instruction through the sixth grade.

The Americas Foundation believes that many of the children touched by the spirit of our endeavor will return to their Colonias and change the environment forever. We offer financial assistance to individuals for medical or legal emergencies, and direct aid to the Colonia in times of extreme hardship. We also provide academic scholarships to students who graduate from Colonia Esperanza schools and wish to continue their education.

     Each person's voice should be heard. In addition to building and operating schools, a natural outgrowth of this project has been to guide and support residents of the Colonia who organize to further common causes that affirm basic human rights.

     The people of the Colonia have successfully lobbied their government to build more schools. In addition, they have hastened the installation of public utilities, a sewer system, telephone lines and paved roads, and have secured local political representation for the future growth of their community.

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