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Sponsor a child's education!

"El Principito - The Little Prince - The Ballet"

World Premiere was July 7 2002
Stay tuned and hopefully there will a new production soon !
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Pictures ! (courtesy Marv Lyons)

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(*)Inspired by the public's enthusiasm for the music, we invite you to participate in a friendly competition
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"Don Quixote comes to Tijuana - The Ballet"

This was a ballet performed several times over the past years by Students of the Colegio La Esperanza
and dancers from the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts.
The script was written by Christine Brady
with characters from Don Quixote by Migueal Cervantes.
The choreography was by Valeri and Tatiana Tchekachev (also teachers at the Colegio).
Set design was by Linda Gilbreath
and set construction by Chuck Meacham.

"Don Quixote comes to Tijuana - The Video"

Two scenes from a video of the performance

Scene 2
"Village Celebrations of Dia
de los Muertos in Catemaco"
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The video was produced by Brennan Hubbell of Runch Productions with Vivian Blackstone.
William W. Walker perfomed the post production and transfered the video to CD.
Johannes Menzel excerpted and converted the movies below.

You may need to download Microsoft Media Player to view the movies.

The full length video, and other videos from the American Foundation are available in CD or in Video format.
Please contact us for more information, or to place orders.